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driveway to new Dutch barn building

Cortizo Windows Feature on South Lincolnshire Grand Design Project

Eagle-eyed viewers and proud owners of aluminium windows and doors may have spotted one of our favourite brands featured on Grand Designs earlier this year. South Lincolnshire-based couple, Nathan and Amye, appeared on the Channel 4 show in January 2021 alongside Kevin McCloud, with a dream vision to build a large home modelled on a Dutch barn house. They wanted a sleek, contemporary feel and a striking 5000 tile armadillo roof. With a large open-plan design they wanted to invest in the...

Modern house with wood panelled round and glass room

3 Tips On How To Clean Aluminium Windows

Have you recently upgraded your home or property with sparkling new aluminium windows? Or perhaps you’ve had them for a while now and they’re in need of a new lease of life. Either way, it’s important that you regularly clean and maintain your frames to ensure you’re getting the long-lasting impact that aluminium frames provide. Did you know: your frames will last much longer if they are regularly cleaned and maintained. This is particularly important for black aluminium frames - you’ll...

Modern house painted white with wooden panelling and trees behind

Are Aluminium Windows Eco-Friendly?

If you're considering aluminium windows, one of the pressing questions you may have is whether they are eco-friendly or not? In this blog, we’re giving you the low-down on exactly what makes this metal a sustainable option for both old and new building projects. Read on to discover our top five eco-friendly benefits of choosing aluminium windows rather than uPVC or steel. 1. High levels of insulation Fitted with ‘Polyamide’ thermal break technology, aluminium windows are designed to keep the warm in...