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lounge area with slimline sliding doors open to lawn and trees

How to Improve the Security of Your Home

Home security matters to all of us. Nobody ever wants to experience a burglary and lose the valuables they’ve worked so hard to buy, let alone have their privacy violated by a brazen intruder. But there are things you can do to seriously limit the likelihood of this happening, keeping you and your stuff safe from the threat of crime. Here are five great ideas to boost the security of your home. Keep your keys and valuables safe This one doesn’t cost you...

New upstairs window in an old brick wall

How Do We Install Casement Aluminium Windows?

If you’re in the market for aluminium casement windows, you may be curious about how they’re installed - and how long that process takes. In this article, we’re covering the installation process to give you a better idea of what to expect when your windows are installed. Let’s get started. The installation process Before any installation work can begin, a survey must be carried out on the property to make sure there are no potential problems lurking for the installer to...

upstairs gallery with rooflights suspended light fitting

Rooflights: The Different Types & Which Should I Choose?

Rooflights or windows are perfect ways to add natural light into a converted roof space, loft or even on a ground floor extension. Rooflights can transform a dark area into a naturally lit office, bedroom or living area. Popular Rooflight Types Lantern Rooflights For an airier, sleeker interior, the lantern rooflight is ideal. Equally suited to contemporary or traditional architecture, the lantern rooflight provides an elegant design enhancement and elevates above a flat roof. Flat Rooflights Featuring a contemporary appearance with fantastic thermal performance, flat...