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Aluminium: What makes it so good for doors and windows?

uPVC always tends to be the default choice for exterior doors and windows. It’s affordable, reasonably durable and widely available – but is it actually the best option? You could go for wooden windows or doors. They can certainly look the part, but they tend to require more maintenance as time rolls by. Or, you could choose the most durable and, arguably, aesthetically pleasing option of them all: aluminium.

Aluminium doors and windows have a whole host of benefits that their uPVC and wooden counterparts simply can’t match. Let’s take a look at each of them and find out just how good aluminium really is.

The benefits


Aluminium is an extraordinary material. Used extensively on high-end vehicles and planes, it’s renowned for its low weight and high strength – not to mention its corrosion resistance. Unlike steel, aluminium doesn’t rust. Plus, it won’t become brittle and faded as a result of the sun’s UV rays. So, when you invest in an aluminium front door or window, you can be confident that it’s going to last.


Aluminium’s strength doesn’t just help you secure your home against intruders. It also means that window frames can be thinner than equivalent wood or uPVC items while meeting the same anti-intrusion and efficiency standards. The benefit? More natural light inside your home, creating a more spacious, uplifting feel.


As we touched on above, aluminium doors and windows meet the same efficiency standards as uPVC and wood items. Although aluminium naturally conducts the heat or low temperatures, advancements in technology (including innovations like polyamide thermal barriers) mean you don’t have to worry about inflating your energy bills.


Just look at them. Aluminium doors and windows look classy, sophisticated and upmarket – they can really elevate the look of your home (or business, for that matter). All kinds of intricate designs can be stamped into aluminium too, making it easy to stand out from your neighbours!


Aluminium doors and windows are available in hundreds of different colours, allowing you to coordinate them with your home or business’ colour scheme.

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