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Benefits of having Aluminium doors in your home

Imagine a home full of versatility, space and style. Aluminum bifold Doors can deliver this feeling and create an atmosphere with sophisticated style.

Aluminium bifold doors are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners and business professionals as more are recognising the value and beauty that these doors bring to a property. Here are 4 reasons why aluminium bifold doors should be added to your home.

Thermal Technology

Manufactured from two pressed aluminium skins with a highly-insulated core, there’s more to our doors than just style. Using only cutting-edge technology, our bifold doors will keep your home feeling warm and toasty throughout the winter nights with the use of thermal insulation. Feel the benefit of doors with a highly insulated core.

Energy Efficiency through Natural Light

Nothing beats waking up to the morning sun beaming through your home, with streams of abundant light waking you up, artificial lighting doesn’t compare. As manufacturers of high-quality aluminium doors, we know the importance of creating a product that offers a sustainable solution to adding light to your home. Our doors are designed to cover large areas with glorious glass in a minimal frame so you can get the most out of the light flooding through your home. Turn your lights off and enjoy the benefits of being eco-friendly.


When investing in new bifold doors, strength and durability are the main components that you should look out for. Whether they’re bifold or sliding, our doors are crafted with slim lines and huge glass panels so that they stand the test of time through all weather conditions.


Stunning bifold aluminium doors are a great way to impress family and friends. More importantly, we want to be able to come home after a long days work and admire the home we have created with stunning doors. Our aluminium doors offer unrestricted sights, versatility in terms of colour and design and long-lasting impressions. Bring your home to life with the aesthetics and spacious feel glass panels offer.

For more information on our industry-leading aluminium doors, contact us today.

About Klosen UK

Klosen UK is proud to manufacture and supply a range of high-quality aluminium products for your home. All of our products have been carefully crafted with precision, adding value to your home.

Klosen UK

Klosen UK provides luxury and bespoke aluminium doors and windows for your home. We hope you have enjoyed your read.

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