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Glass entrance door

Commercial Automatic Doors for Your Property

Introducing a new solution to the way you welcome guests into your commercial property. Maximising efficiency with increased aesthetics, our automatic doors can provide your building with a professional and welcoming feel, no entrance is complete without.

No matter the type of building, our commercial aluminium doors can suit any property, from schools to offices, you’ll no longer have to worry about space and functionality.

What effect do you want to have on your visitors as they enter through the front doors?

The overall appeal of a building can influence the sentiment towards it. Many buildings lack a welcoming feel, coming across as uninviting and closed off which can have a negative effect on visitors and customers. When a building is in process of being constructed, all design and architectural elements should be considered. How will you create a spacious and relaxed feel? Is there enough natural light coming through to fill the building?

With their sleek, spacious and transparent look, our glass automatic doors allow light to fill the room, creating a spacious atmosphere while still providing ultimate security.

With new technologies evolving daily, your commercial property will have to keep up with latest trends being fully adaptive to the nature of your business. The welcoming environment comes with design, a tight, enclosed door will not have the same inviting effect as a spacious door built with glass panels, the more light flooding through, the more comforting visitors will feel.

Klosen UK doors not only offer space and light but energy efficiency too. We pride ourselves highly for taking the time to consider all aspects surrounding energy efficiency, which also adds value and warmth to the property. Our automatic doors are highly sought after, making them a very popular choice for commercial use. Contact Klosen today for more information on our commercial automatic doors. Your number one choice for energy efficient, practical and natural light filled doors.

Klosen UK

Klosen UK provides luxury and bespoke aluminium doors and windows for your home. We hope you have enjoyed your read.

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