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Does A Roof Light Add Value to Your Home?

Being able to renovate your home, whether old or new can be really exciting. It gives you a chance to put your own style in to the house and increase the value for later down the line. Although picking out new styles and fixing annoying features can be incredibly satisfying, home renovations can be stressful, expensive and hectic to work around.

Whether you are renovating a property to sell it or you are making improvements to your forever home, installing skylights or roof lights can be a fantastic way to transform a room, flooding the area with extra light and space.  

When compared to other home improvements, roof lights add a more unique and distinctive change to your property which can be a big selling point for potential buyers. The natural light adds space to what could otherwise be smaller, darker area, not to mention helping you save on energy bills by avoiding artificial lighting.

As a supplier of supreme quality aluminium windows, we have three different types of roof lights to offer our customers; lantern, flat and pyramid.

The lantern roof lights offer an unrivalled view from home and extensions. The structure of this style is super strong with the elegance of a slim, light frame. Lantern roof lights offer a modern finish and excellent thermal performance too.

Our flat roof lights are popular due to their contemporary and stylish finish. This style of roof light allows the maximum amount of light to be brought into a room. All of our range are triple glazed, have electric openers and are strong enough to withstand any weight if they are walked on.

The pyramid style of skylight is available in any required size or specification with pitches between 15 and 45 degrees. These roof lights are great for thermal efficiency and keeping temperate transfer to a minimum. Depending on the style of your home, pyramid roof lights can add a unique touch to your rooms.

Thinking of adding roof lights to your property? Talk to our team today to get more information about our range and get a free quote for installation in your home.

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