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How to Improve the Security of Your Home

Home security matters to all of us. Nobody ever wants to experience a burglary and lose the valuables they’ve worked so hard to buy, let alone have their privacy violated by a brazen intruder. But there are things you can do to seriously limit the likelihood of this happening, keeping you and your stuff safe from the threat of crime.

Here are five great ideas to boost the security of your home.

Keep your keys and valuables safe

This one doesn’t cost you a penny – but it’s one of the most effective (and crucial) items on this list. Make sure you keep your house and car keys secure and away from any windows or doors, and try to keep your valuable possessions hidden from sight as much as you can. Don’t leave any expensive jewellery on show, for example – it’s an invitation to opportunist thieves.

Install CCTV and an alarm

CCTV cameras and visible alarm systems are two of the most effective deterrents for thieves. If they know they’re going to be on camera the second they walk through the door, they’re much less likely to risk it! If your budget can’t stretch to real CCTV and alarm systems, you can even get dummy units that look just like the real deal.

Use lighting to your advantage

Another great deterrent is motion-activated lighting. Installed at the front and rear of your property, this can work in tandem with CCTV to really make criminals feel like they’re in danger of getting caught.

Secure the perimeter

Make sure you have sturdy fences around your back garden, and protect your property further with thorny shrubs or high hedges.

Invest in quality windows and doors

Windows and doors are typically a weak point for most properties, so installing durable items that are hard to infiltrate will improve the security of your home no end. Our slimline sliding doors and aluminium windows may look elegant, but they’re anything but delicate. Engineered with security firmly in mind, they offer a perfect blend of aesthetics and strength. Learn more about them today or contact us for a quote.

Klosen UK

Klosen UK provides luxury and bespoke aluminium doors and windows for your home. We hope you have enjoyed your read.

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