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Cortizo Slimline Sliding Door

How to Maintain Slimline Sliding Doors

So, you’ve just invested in some shiny new slimline sliding doors for your home. But as well as enjoying them, it’s important to protect your investment and put a little bit of time into maintaining them. Fortunately, they don’t usually need regular maintenance, but performing a few simple checks every now and then will ensure they remain beautiful and functional for many years to come.

Without further ado, here are three top tips to help you take care of your new doors.

Keep them clean

Keeping your doors clean not only ensures they look their best, but has a practical benefit too. First, start by cleaning the glass and frames. You can use regular glass cleaner on the glass, but ensure you’re using a soft cloth and suitable cleaner when tackling the frames.

Although the doors we supply here at Klosen have an extremely durable powder coated finish, this can still be scratched. So, avoid any harsh brushes and stick to gentler implements like microfibre cloths; they will remove more dirt from the surface anyway!

Next, clean the tracks. If you use your doors regularly, we’d recommend doing this every month or so. You can start by giving them a quick vacuum to remove loose debris, and follow this up by brushing any more stubborn dirt away.

Lubricate the sliding mechanism

Once you’ve cleaned the tracks, we’d recommend lubricating them. A silicone grease spray should do the trick, ensuring your doors continue gliding smoothly for years to come – just like they did when they were first installed. Before you apply any lubricant, make sure the tracks are clean.

While you’re at it, you might want to lubricate the door lock and handles too. This is particularly worth doing after the winter, when you start using your doors again.

Check door panel alignment

In the longer-term, you might find that – despite your best efforts to maintain your doors – they start to become stiffer or don’t glide smoothly like they used to. This can be caused by misaligned rollers. Check that your door’s roller mechanism is still correctly aligned and, if not, consult a specialist to get the issue sorted.

Speak to the slimline sliding door experts

Whether you’re looking for a complete sliding door installation or maintenance services, the experts at Klosen can help. We only supply products from top brands like Cortizo and Senior Architectural Systems, offering a 10-year warranty on our work. Contact us today with your requirements.

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