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How Slimline Windows Can Keep Your Home Warm In Winter

The weather is getting colder outside and you may be grabbing those extra jumpers and cranking up the heating a little. However, often the best course of action is to have a home that’s well insulated. At first glance, slimline aluminium windows may not look like the most insulating choice, especially with their larger glass panes. However, at Klosen, we work with brands that engineer their slimline windows and doors to be thermally efficient. This means slimline windows can be fantastic at insulating your home while also offering exceptional views to your outdoor spaces.

In this guide, we’re looking at the top ways aluminium windows can keep your home warm in winter.

Thermal efficiency

And it’s not just temperature insulation that these windows are perfect for – they also offer superb levels of noise insulation. Perfect for keeping the outside world from interrupting your living spaces.

Double or triple-glazed panels act as a thermal barrier, making it more difficult for the warm air molecules to escape. It also makes it more difficult for the cold air to get inside. This means that even on a freezing cold day with snow and ice all around, you can enjoy the sights from your gorgeous windows from the safety of a warm and cosy house.

Some brands, such as Cortizo, also apply a special foam on the frame and sash to ensure their slimline windows and doors provide thermal insulation for homeowners.

Cut down on bills

By keeping your home thermally insulated, you should be able to lose less heat in the winter, keeping your heating bills down.

Browse slimline windows today

Take a look at the Klosen website for inspiration for your slimline window installations. We have a wide range of designs on offer from top brands, including Cortizo and Senior Architectural Systems. Our selection of slimline windows proves that you can have bigger window views without compromising on thermal comfort and insulation for those colder, winter months.

Klosen UK

Klosen UK provides luxury and bespoke aluminium doors and windows for your home. We hope you have enjoyed your read.

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