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Keeping You Safe: Cortizo Security Systems

Cortizo’s line-up of slimline sliding doors and elegant aluminium window frames are the natural choice for many home and business owners, most of whom are drawn in by their sleek appearance – but that’s certainly not all that Cortizo products have going for them.

We’ve already discussed the energy efficiency of Cortizo doors and windows (another area of strength for the brand), but what about security? After all, you can have the most gorgeous doors and windows in the world, but if they’re easy targets for burglars you might as well leave them open all the time!

Security is of the utmost importance to any home or business owner, which is why Cortizo takes it seriously too. The Spanish company has developed a package of advanced security systems for its products to keep you and your prized possessions as safe as can be.

Top security features of Cortizo windows and doors:

First off, each door and window Cortizo produces has been tested for resistance against physical attacks using tools like screwdrivers – and every product in the range has achieved the WK2/RC2 security grade.

Not content to simply produce a durable product, however, Cortizo’s designers went one step further by implementing additional security measures. These include anti-theft security fittings, durable locking mechanisms and the ability to specify multiple locking points (unlike most doors and windows which have just one).

As you’d expect of Cortizo, the security measures aren’t a tacked-on afterthought, either. For example, the Security Locking System for the Vision range of slimline sliding doors has been designed to neatly integrate into the slim aluminium frame, maintaining the elegant aesthetic which makes the units so desirable.

This system also allows the Cortizo doors to be locked from the inside or the outside, a convenient feature which makes them practical and easy to use.

Like the sound of Cortizo products? You can download a brochure from Klosen, to get a feel for their entire range. Alternatively, if you have a particular product in mind and would like to get hold of a free, no obligation quote, please reach out to us via email or phone today.

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