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lounge area with sliding doors open to lawn and trees

Reasons Slimline Sliding Doors Are Worth Having

Bigger, brighter, better. Slimline sliding doors have plenty of benefits and we’re going to share some of them with you.

Bringing the outside in

Slimline frames and larger glass panels combine to help bring the outside in. In fact, one of the key benefits of slimline sliding doors is their ability to expand the natural light in your living spaces. From your hallway and kitchen-dining area to your office and your gym or leisure areas, increase the light to create spacious, brighter, mood-uplifting spaces.

Easy to slide open

Seamlessly connect your patio and garden spaces with your lounge, kitchen and dining areas with floor to ceiling doors that easily slide open. It’s also a great way to feel the summer breeze and listen to the birds as you cook, read a book, or chat with friends and family. Essentially, slimline sliding doors give you the freedom to open up your living spaces.

Perfectly complement your slimline windows

If you’ve already been looking to incorporate slimline windows into your home, slimline doors are a great match that can help elevate your home into a modern, naturally light space. Whether you’re building a property from scratch or looking to revamp your current abode, slimline windows and doors are a great way to upgrade your interior and exterior aesthetic.

Mix and match

To create your dream property, you may want to keep a singular, consistent look, or you may prefer to mix and match between modern and traditional building materials or styles. Regardless of what you’re hoping to create, slimline sliding doors are suitable for both new and older buildings, meaning you can achieve the exact aesthetic you have in mind.

Durable, insulated and secure

Moving on from the aesthetics, slimline sliding doors are made with aluminium frames and high quality double glazing. These materials are sturdy, secure and designed to last with little maintenance required. Most significantly slimline sliding doors offer high levels of insulation, helping you to cut costs on energy bills whilst maintaining a comfortable temperature and climate in your property. Cutting down on heating usage in the winter months also makes these doors an eco-friendly option.


At Klosen we will listen carefully to your design ideas and requirements to install sliding doors that work for you. Our brands include Spitfire, Senior Architectural Systems and DeWall Aluminium. With 25 years of experience installing aluminium windows and doors, learn more about our Slimline Sliding Doors online today.

slimline sliding doors sunroom

rear of house with open patio doors and patio

Klosen UK

Klosen UK provides luxury and bespoke aluminium doors and windows for your home. We hope you have enjoyed your read.

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