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upstairs gallery with rooflights suspended light fitting

Rooflights: The Different Types & Which Should I Choose?

Rooflights or windows are perfect ways to add natural light into a converted roof space, loft or even on a ground floor extension. Rooflights can transform a dark area into a naturally lit office, bedroom or living area.

Popular Rooflight Types

Lantern Rooflights

For an airier, sleeker interior, the lantern rooflight is ideal. Equally suited to contemporary or traditional architecture, the lantern rooflight provides an elegant design enhancement and elevates above a flat roof.

Flat Rooflights

Featuring a contemporary appearance with fantastic thermal performance, flat rooflights are another popular choice. They allow the largest possible amount of light to be brought into a room. Triple glazing, walk-on ability and electric openers are also available as optional extras to help you get the most out of your window.

Pyramid Rooflight

Pyramid rooflights can be made to any required size, with pitches from 15 to 45 degrees available. Boasting fantastic thermal efficiency, you can opt for triple glazing which considerably reduces the centre pane U Values.

Not sure which rooflight to choose?

Typically, flat rooflights suit more contemporary style builds. Ultimately, your choice will boil down to personal preference, how much natural light you’d like to gain and the available space.

You will also have various other options to consider, such as the insulation levels, opening mechanisms and frame colour and finishes.

If you’re looking to revamp your home, Klosen offers a range of elegant rooflight designs, along with slimline sliding doors and windows. They are all designed to enhance the levels of natural light and maximise your views. Contact the rooflight installation experts at Klosen.

Klosen UK

Klosen UK provides luxury and bespoke aluminium doors and windows for your home. We hope you have enjoyed your read.

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