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Klosen / Cortizo  / Slimline Sliding Doors by Cortizo: How are they Made?
Aluminium Sliding Doors with steps and bushes in background

Slimline Sliding Doors by Cortizo: How are they Made?

Spanish manufacturer Cortizo produces some of the world’s most elegant and innovative slimline sliding doors.

Unlike many other manufacturers, Cortizo handles the entire process in-house. It has over four decades of experience working with aluminium, supplying a range of products to numerous sectors, including automotive, aeronautics, naval, wind power, military and architecture.

It’s the latter which concerns us here at Klosen; we have supplied Cortizo doors for a number of years and are intimately familiar with their impressive build quality and beautiful design.

But what actually goes into making them?

  • Foundry: Cortizo has its own foundry, where aluminium is melted down and can be cast into new shapes. The foundry uses recycled aluminium and has the capacity to process 43,000 tonnes of aluminium each year.
  • Extrusion: Boasting an annual production capacity of 139,000 tonnes, Cortizo’s extrusion facility has 18 presses. Here, the molten aluminium is pressed through a die and emerges in the desired shape – in our case, a door or window frame.
  • Finishing: Cortizo has three separate facilities for the final stage of production. Depending on the desired finish, the aluminium sliding door frames can either be powder coated, anodized or undergo a chemical brightening process.

Cortizo devotes 26,000 hours annually to research and development, not just into sliding doors but aluminium production as a whole. It has operations across Europe, including Spain, Slovakia, Poland and France, and employs an impressive total of 3,697 staff.

Renowned as Spain’s first manufacturer and distributor of aluminium, Cortizo remains one of the largest such organisations in Europe, and its expertise with the metal is unquestionable – explaining why its slimline sliding doors are of such high quality.


Cortizo takes sustainability seriously, too. It operates a division called Cortizo Recycling, which takes aluminium from over 2,400 scrap pick up points across Europe; this is then transported back to the company’s factories to be melted down and recycled.

This means that all of the aluminium used in Cortizo’s sliding doors – and, indeed, its other products – has been recycled in-house. It’s also proud of the environmental-friendliness of its recycling process, which uses much less energy than traditional methods.

Quality, sustainability and beauty – Cortizo’s slimline sliding doors have it all. Explore the full range online today or speak to us to find out more.

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  • Les Powderhill

    29th September 2021 13:59

    Hi, could you quote me for supply only, delivered to Dy115yn (Kidderminster, Worcs) for a patio door 3030mm wide x 2125 mm high,, or do you have a standard size similar? Many thanks.

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