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Slimline Aluminium Windows

What Are the Benefits of Slimline Aluminium Windows?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking at replacing the windows in your property… and you’re probably aware of just how many different types are available! With so many different factors to consider and designs to choose between, finding your ideal windows can be a tricky process.

Today, we’re going to look at some of the key advantages of slimline aluminium windows to help you decide whether or not they’re for you.

Stunning views

Love admiring your back garden or watching over the front of your property? With slimline aluminium windows, you’ll benefit from virtually unbroken views, allowing you to feel more in touch with the outside world.

Natural lighting

Another benefit of slim frames is natural light – you’ll get noticeably more of it than you would with traditional PVC or wood frame windows. This can help your home feel more spacious and airy, benefiting your wellbeing. – especially in those light-starved winter months.

Easy installation

Though they look very different from traditional PVC or wood-framed windows, slimline aluminium units are just as easy to install and are available in the very same sizes. So, although the units themselves are pricier, you won’t be faced with unexpectedly high labour costs to get them fitted.

Contemporary appearance

Just look at them! Could you picture a sleeker, more modern window design? Us neither. Slimline aluminium windows are stunning to behold and can help facelift any ageing or worn out property. For this reason, they’re a great way of adding value to your property.

Energy efficiency

Despite their slim frames, these windows sacrifice nothing in terms of energy efficiency. Choose the right brand and you could actually reduce your energy bills. Our Cortizo and Senior Architectural Systems models have been engineered for optimum thermal efficiency, helping you save money in the long run.

Amazing durability

Aluminium doesn’t rust like steel, crack like PVC or rot like wood. As a result, aluminium frames are as durable as you can get. They require minimal maintenance and are built to last, which is why we offer a 25 year corrosion warranty on all of our installations.

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