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What Is a Slimline Window? An Introductory Guide

Slimline windows are advanced both in how they look and how they perform. The name slimline describes their slim frames and large glass panes. They are an advancement on the traditional uPVC windows. They offer enhanced thermal and noise insulation, while opening up expansive views with more window and less frame. They look elegant and can be suited to contemporary and period properties.

Styles vary, and as these windows gain in popularity, there will only be more choice available on the market, giving architects, homeowners and commercial building managers more freedom and flexibility to choose the exact design they want.

The Benefits

With enhanced insulation capabilities, you can reduce costs on energy bills while enjoying a better regulated climate in your home or business premises. It’s a more environmentally-friendly option, too.

They can achieve a Window Energy Rating of A+. Most suppliers will publish the U-values, which measure heat loss. The lower the value, the better. Window designs measuring one or less are considered to offer exceptional insulation performance.

You’ll also benefit from getting more natural light into your property, and opening up your views.
With slimline windows, you can choose to go small or large. Floor-to-ceiling windows and doors are available.

Many slimline windows are crafted with aluminium frames. These are robust but also lightweight, making them easier to install. They won’t corrode and you will also benefit from a choice of finishes, colours and opening mechanisms so you can choose the exact frame you want to elevate the appearance of your facade and internal spaces.

Choosing a Supplier

Suppliers such as Klosen partner with leading slimline window brands from across Europe. We maximise choice and can help you choose the perfect window design for your project. They are a premium choice, but with their thermal efficiency, enhanced natural light exposure and durability, they’re well worth the investment.

We offer a 10 year guarantee on installations and, even with little maintenance, your windows should look as good as new for decades.

The best way to find out what slimline aluminium windows look like is to browse our website. These are suitable for new build projects and installing as part of a property renovation.

Klosen UK

Klosen UK provides luxury and bespoke aluminium doors and windows for your home. We hope you have enjoyed your read.

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