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outside decking area in front of open patio doors

Why Choose Slimline Bifold Doors?

Traditionally, patio doors have either used a sliding design or opened like a regular door, on traditional hinges. But if you want something a little different – something that really makes a statement – you might want to consider slimline bifold doors instead.

Although they’re not as commonplace as other door designs, bifold doors are nothing new; in fact, it’s believed that the Romans first invented the concept over 2,000 years ago! Were they onto something, or should you look elsewhere for your next patio doors? Let’s find out.

The downsides

Before we get into the plus points of bifold doors, we’ve got to cover the negatives, although this won’t take long: there’s really only one. When the doors are closed, they don’t let quite as much light into a room as a traditional sliding door would, simply because they’re composed of multiple, narrower door panels – each with their own frame.

The positives

Open the doors up, though, and the first major advantage of bifold doors becomes clear.

You’ll experience a totally unbroken view of the outside world, with floor to ceiling access to your garden. There are no bulky frames or panels to get in the way: the view is completely unobstructed.

You don’t have to open the whole system up, either. For day-to-day access to your back garden, you can simply open up one of the doors. This makes bifolds a dream to live with, as does the relative lack of maintenance they require – all you’ll ever need to do on a regular basis is keep them clean.

Plus, choose doors from a reputable brand like Cortizo or Senior Architectural Systems, and you can expect exemplary energy efficiency and security. They manufacture their door frames using aluminium, producing an end product that’s not just extremely durable and energy efficient, but sustainable and less harmful to the environment.

Get your quote today

Want to learn more about our slimline bifold door installations or get a tailored quote for your own property? Get in touch with our expert team today.

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