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Made To Measure Flat Roof Windows

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Flat Rooflights

Aluminium rooflights for flat roofs engage function and modern design with elegance and natural light - brightening your home with class in an instant.

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Maximise Space and Light with Flat Rooflights

Fixed flat rooflights are revered for maintaining a home owner’s privacy, whilst taking advantage of sunny weather and wonderful light. Ideal for reading spaces, art spaces, workshops and studios, flat rooflights flood rooms with natural light all year round.

Aesthetics aside, the units are constructed of high-quality aluminium frames to support every type of property and withstand all weather conditions (including hail) – they even come equipped with an effective rainwater run off design, so water never builds up. Their low-maintenance requirements also benefit you with additional features: providing exceptional heat insulation and noise reduction.

Available in a variety of styles and frame finishes, you can now enjoy views of the sky and nighttime with pristine glass installed in your fixed flat rooflight – both stunning and minimalist in design.

Klosen’s range of flat rooflights are expertly fitted and installed correctly, following our bespoke measurement models, designed to blend in with your surrounds and perfectly fit any size ceiling. Not every room was originally designed with light in mind, or modern day living and furniture – so installing a made-to-measure flat rooflight could be a solution to your needs. Space-saving and beautiful in design, they’re a multi-functional answer to improving life at home and driving up your property value.

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